ORA Fund Raising Golf Wed 30 September at Raffles Country Club

Date: 30 September 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 11.00 am – 10.00pm
Venue: Raffles Country Club (Lake Course)

In support of the RI 1823 Fund and RGS New Campus Development Fund

Dear Golfers

The Old Rafflesians’ Association (ORA) will be organising a Fundraising Golf Event and Dinner on Wednesday 30 September 2015 at the Raffles Country Club (Lake Course).

This Fundraising event will generate funds for two causes. For Raffles Institution, all proceeds raised will be directed to the Raffles Scholarship Series, under the 1823 Fund.
The Raffles Scholarship Series is an integrated needs-based merit scholarship programme awarded at Primary 5, right up to Year 6, that ensures students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are not deprived of a Rafflesian education, and are fully able to participate in the whole range of activities along with their schoolmates.

For Raffles Girls’ School, all proceeds raised will be directed to the RGS New Campus Development Fund. The new campus will be designed to enable the school to continue with its goal of nurturing RGS girls as citizens who will dedicate their talents in service of nation and community. Additionally, the intended location will provide exciting opportunities for RGS girls to engage and work with the immediate and larger community.

As RGS embarks on planning for the next phase of the school’s journey at the new campus, your generous support will help in providing for a campus that will meet the learning needs of future generations of RGS girls and in realising the dreams of many young aspiring Rafflesians.

Our ORA Fundraising Golf event is a great opportunity to support the Raffles schools for a good cause and at the same time, bring together all friends and family of the Rafflesian community together for a day of fun with golf and dinner.

There are various ways of supporting this event. You can indicate your support in the golf registration form . We look forward to your generous support.

Andrew Chua
Old Rafflesians’ Association

Chan Poh Meng
Raffles Institution

Poh Mun See (Mrs)
Raffles Girls’ School

For enquiries, please contact:
Florence Lee (Ms) • ORA Administrator
Tel: 6353 5063 • Email: ora@rafflesian.com